Laptop LCD Replacement


laptop lcd replacement

Laptop screens are fragile, and the thinner laptops get the more at risk your laptop screen becomes. Cracked, broken lcd screen repairs are one of our most common procedures, and our technicians have gotten very good at fixing broken laptop screens. Besides doing standard cracked laptop screen replacement, we also take care of . Call us at 201-222-3676 to get a free quote , We Replace your screen same day or by next day if we dont have your original LCD in stock.


  • Discoloration on screens
  • Laptop screens with dead pixels
  • ‘Ink-blots’, or irregular dark spots on laptop screens
  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • LED Screen Replacement
  • OLED Screen Replacement


laptop lcd replacement


We keep most common screen sizes and models in stock, so the majority of screen replacements and repairs can be done within 24 hours. If we don’t have a screen for your specific laptop model, we will be happy to order one, and it usually takes 2-5 business days to come in, depending on if we can source it locally or if we need to reach out further to find a screen that matches your laptop. In either case, we use only the highest quality OEM-level parts in all of our screen replacements, and offer a full 60 day warranty on the part and our labor. So if you broke your laptop screen and need it repaired or replaced, use our quote form or just stop in anytime for a free, on-the-spot estimate from one of our highly-trained screen replacement technicians


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